The Eye of the Storm: Digital Art

Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm by WM House & CF Lovelace

A photograph of the moon on a mild January night was an inauspicious beginning for abstract art. Nature photographer CF Lovelace was experimenting with the night settings on his iPhone 13 when he snapped one particularly interesting shot among a flurry of other clicks. The composition was good, and a faint spectrum of color leaked out from behind the cloud halo surrounding the moon. The slight blurring from a handheld, slow-shutter capture added intrigue to the image.

Visual art boils down to a combination of form and color, and the original photograph had both. Granted, the final form and color progressed during the creative process, with color deviating from the original more than form. But what we see in the final artwork was mostly present in the original photo, in one aspect or another.

Eye of the Storm hints at a developing vortex swirling with a counterclockwise motion. The center of the vortex peeks into the expanse of an unknown void.

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