Pond Edge

Pond Edge
Pond Edge by CF Lovelace and WM House

A leaf submerged beneath shallow water at the pond’s edge is offset by a glowing green algae bloom that is starting to envelop the surrounding plants. The scene provides a delicate mixture of nature and art.

The original photograph was taken by nature photographer CF Lovelace on an afternoon walk in February. His travels had taken him the US Gulf Coast, but arriving a day early gave him some time to kill. There is no better time for a walk.

The composition of the scene is complex but elegant, and the color combination of leaves, algae, and the water bottom is striking. The original photo was slightly cropped, squared up, and given a slight digital veneer that can be seen in the detail insert below.

The flowing, swirling digital texture creates a whole new look as you closely examine the work.

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Details from Pond Edge by CF Lovelace and WM House