Fusing Grayscale and Color Together

Beach Walkers
Beach Walkers by WM House

The Beach Walkers is a piece of Rockaway Beach art from the Coastal Collection. The artwork fuses the grayscale background of a misty spring morning with the colorful images of a mother and daughter combing the beach at low tide.

The upper left quadrant fades into negative space as the Coastal Range Mountains disappear into ocean fog blowing in off a cold, steely Pacific Ocean.

The viewer is looking northward from Rockaway Beach. The Oregon coast is chilly in March, so waterproof boots, fleeces, and rain jackets are required instead of bathing suits and shorts. But the walking is still entertaining, and the dog doesn’t mind splashing in the surf.

The bold colors of the walkers offer a stark contrast to the muted grays of the background scene. Fusing together color with black and white imagery gives a distinct look and feel to the art. The viewers eye initially focuses on the colorful walkers before wandering to the water, sky, and mountains.

The artwork tries to capture the marvelously crisp and stark feel of the Oregon coast on a cold spring morning.