Fusion Art

Moon Rise (©2022 Archean Enterprises, LLC; ArcheanArt)


Original Artwork: Digital Painting (24 inches by 24 inches; 300 dpi)


The setting was Georgia on a warm spring night. A magnificent blood moon popped over the horizon while nature photographer CF Lovelace sat on his back deck sipping a cold beer. He admired the moon rise until the glowing globe was perfectly framed by the dark silhouettes of pine trees and a lonely dead trunk. After a few snaps of his iPhone, he returned to sipping and admiring.

The original photo (below) was digitally reworked using several art platforms to create the stylized image above.

Prints: Artwork is printed on a variety of media and the watermark is removed

Pictorem: Available



Custom Sizing and Print Media: Available – contact  ArcheanArt@archeanweb.com