Digital Painting

Solitude – Walking alone on Rockaway Beach (©Archean Enterprises, LLC; ArcheanArt)


A friend asked me a question, “What makes life good?” I thought about this question as I worked on the digital painting, Solitude. Visual art always delivers a slightly different message to each person it reaches, so the feelings it evokes in me will differ from what others experience.

Solitude depicts a lone walker on Rockaway Beach, Oregon. The walker is strolling south along the beach towards the jetty at Barview. Stark, nearly gray-scale clouds amass in the sky over a flat horizon, predicting possible afternoon rain.

The walker is alone with their thoughts, occupying the magical space where ocean, land, and sky intersect. The viewer is left to project his or her own unique interpretation of the meditations ruminating in the walker’s soul. I see a person absorbed in the moment, enjoying the immense pleasure of passing the time with mother nature at her best; a person rich with friend and family relationships, but also one who is at peace with their momentary solitude.

I had a dream recently where I watched tree branches on the edge of a forest swaying in a spring breeze. I felt the wind and smelled fresh new life sprouting from a fecund Earth. I was overwhelmed with euphoria as the tree branches dissolved into drifting points of light. Someone near me, but out of my line of sight, asked if I was crying. I said to them, “No, I’m simply immersed in the indescribable goodness of life.”

So what makes life good? I can only reply, “Balance. We dance the dance of life but once. And when we move in harmony and balance with the myriad forces around us, we spiritually connect to the expression, Life is Good.”

Original Artwork: Digital Painting (36 inches by 24 inches; 300 dpi)

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