Digital Art

Takeoff by CF Lovelace and WM House (©2022 Archean Enterprises, LLC)

Small incidents of extreme beauty occur in nature millions of times each day without notice. Hidden from our view are moments of wonder, too small, obscure, or rapid to be observed. But occasionally, the camera captures a marvelous scene. Nature photographer CF Lovelace plucked one of these fleeting moments from a stream of photos taken by his iPhone 13 Pro on a hot, sunny morning in Georgia.

A bee emerges from a flower, and the camera captures the moment of takeoff. Laden with pollen gathered from foraging in the colorful blossoms, the bee takes flight, transporting his cache of natural goodness back home. It is a stunning image by any standards.

When he sent it to me, I tinkered with a few digital modifications, ramping up the color and quieting down the background to emphasize the bee at the moment of liftoff. I guess it falls into the category of garden art.

Persistence and a good eye pay off for photographers. Fleeting moments of beauty in a kinetic, everchanging world are difficult to capture, but rewarding when a morning’s work is reviewed and edited for those “keepers.”

My photographer friend is kind enough to pass those jewels on to me, giving me the pleasure of experimenting with them in the developing world of digital art, where traditional and new creative processes are fused together to give us interesting and often unexpected art.

So it was with his hummingbird picture last week.

Hummingbird by CF Lovelace and WM House (©2022 Archean Enterprises, LLC)