Color and Geometry

Stark Serene Landscape
Stark Serene Landscape by CF Lovelace & WM House (©2023 Archean Enterprises, LLC)


I needed some peace and tranquility. I started thinking about art. Creativity can be a cathartic process, not requiring emotional distress or loss of body parts. I was drifting toward a bold geometric look with good color contrast as I sifted through photos from my photographer friend CF Lovelace. I wasn’t looking for any more chaos, only a bit of serenity. But not just any kind of serenity. No, I needed something with a dark tranquil undercurrent. I finally found the photo.

On a still, early morning in Colorado, the sun peeks over the horizon, letting a lake in the foreground mirror the sky and mountains. This fusion art creation combines photography, and digital painting to provide bold landscape geometry with a striking color palette.

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