Monochrome Landscape

Morning Fog by CF Lovelace and WM House  (©2023 Archean Enterprises, LLC; ArcheanArt)


There is something both magical and mystical about foggy landscapes, as eerie gray and white mist intertwines with solid objects. Reality fades. In its place, our minds can only imagine what the fog might hide, imparting a certain mystique to the scene. Capturing those moments on camera is quite fun. It lets us play with the whole concept of the known and unknown, both smoothly merging into a single moment.

When I stand in the fog and see the landscape slowly appearing and disappearing in the swirling clouds of mist, I am reminded of the core mystery of the human experience.

The subtle interplay between existence and non-existence is the existential fog surrounding our brief time on Earth. It exposes us to many beliefs and aspirations but few facts. It opens the door for multiple constructs of faith and hope. But we lack any concrete understanding because we all live in the confines of our space and time, and we cannot see beyond the foggy veil of time and death.

Original photography by CF Lovelace and digital art by WM House

(Original work is 24 inches by 24 inches)




Custom Sizing and Print Media: Available – contact

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