Archean Art focuses on bringing you original, affordable, high-quality art. We specialize in nature, landscape, and abstract art for decorating your home’s indoor and outdoor spaces. We have printing and framing options to give a variety of looks indoors and rugged weatherproof products that create a unique look for your outdoor patio or deck.

Art is another way to creatively explore the world around us and understand relationships between people and the environment. Art lets us make conscious and unconscious connections that can’t always be described in words. 

Archean Art fuses painting, photography, and digital art into unique, individual works.

Our artwork is divided into a Select Gallery and our Art Archives.

Artist WM House and nature photographer CF Lovelace are the creative team at Archean Art. Our work focuses on giving you a refreshing new look at nature and the world around you. We partner with several companies to produce final pieces, and a variety of ready-to-go artwork is always available for online purchase. We offer customized and commissioned art at affordable prices for your special needs, allowing you to find the right artwork for your existing spaces and decor.